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To refill your herbal supplements, we charge $20 per week for the service fee, the herbal supplements is free. It is another $10 for shipping and handling: 

Weeks    cost          S&H     total

1            $20            $10      $30

2            $40            $10      $50

3            $60            $10      $70

4            $80            $10      $90 

Refilling Herbs

SKU: 364215375135191
  •  In Custom Text section, please give us the file number we issued to you when you visited our clinic with your first and last name. It is on the business card we gave you. Pease give us more detail regarding your body such as: how did your body respond to the treatment you received from our clinic, how is your sleep or pains in your body of a particular location.

      We will open your file and then decide what is best for your health condition, the new supply of herbal supplements might be the same or different than what you got last time.

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